Critelli Olive Oil is located near California’s Napa Valley, one of the finest olive growing areas in the region. Following the traditions passed down by our founder, Nicola Critelli, our methods are based in a foundation of history and excellence.

Since 1997, Critelli Olive Oil has gained a well-deserved reputation for making distinctive and flavorful oils and vinegars that have become both the professional and consumer choice. Each of our superlative oils is crafted with the knowledge that it will be used by professional chefs whose discriminating tastes have sampled oils from around the world. Down through history, the importance of olive oil has moved from multi purpose heating, medicinal and culinary oil, through gourmet exclusivity, to its current acceptance as one of the best all around oils for cooking and making salads. Olive oil continues to be highly prized for its flavor, versatility and health benefits.